Posted on: September 7, 2009 6:13 am

Please Come back to the 49ers, Jeff Garcia

Okay I'm desperate, I'll take Garcia back even though he won't last 16 games. His back simply won't hold up to his ego, but he's still better than Shaun Hill. I hope I eat my words, cause somehow, someway, we will go to the superbowl(yes, I'm overly optimistic) this season.  With Gore controlling the ground game and a strong cup of Coffee behind him, we only need a game manager at this point. I'm afraid that shaun hill can't be that guy. I would be tempted to start Nate Davis, after all he has a chip on his shoulder, and seems to be a better QB than anyone else on our roster. Whatever you do, just make sure we trade up to take Colt McCoy next year, don't get me wrong, I'm much happier this year than last year when we had J Turn O'ver Sullivan starting. At least this year we have a strong #2 QB starting instead of a lsat resort #3 Qb. Go NINERS!!!!!
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